Why is everyone using Design Sprint?

The Design Sprint has become a trusted format for problem-solving at many large companies. Massive organizations such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Uber and Slack run Design Sprints and are piling up successes using this methodology to overcome design and product roadblocks.

The Design Sprint is a super practical system to solve big product challenges 10x faster than with other methodologies and there's evidence to prove this. I mean, real life case studies that back up the fact that Design Sprints are actually FAST.

Many people get mixed up between Design Thinking and Design Sprint. Design Thinking is a mindset and a bunch of tools. The Design Sprint takes principles from Design Thinking but also grabs ideas from Lean Startup’s business model canvas and creates a recipe that you can really repeat again and again and again when you want to come up with new business or product ideas and test them with real users.

Design Sprints are a way to get multiple different people that need to be aligned together for two intense days, avoid misunderstandings and diminish organizational politics in decision-making.

Many traditional innovation and design processes get completely screwed because someone creates something that does not get the sign off from another person that doesn’t even know that is going on and this takes up months and months and months and people get tired and forget what they were doing in the first place. Not efficient.

The Design Sprint brings the right people together at the very start to run this two-day highly intense workshop. Then the design team builds the products and shows them back to the team in just 1 week.

You won’t get lost in broad conversations. Design Sprints are all about systemized, specific and structured formats to avoid open flowery discussions. It works both for business people and designers.

A Design Sprint will help you unpack the complexity of problems, reduce risk, increase collaboration and understanding, build a prototype and test out big new business ideas. You'll have something tangible by the end of the week.

It's amazing how much work can be done when there's a clear system behind tasks. Momentum is one of the biggest values that Design Sprint brings. People are focused, there's communication between teams and with users  and the mindset shifts from arguing over solutions, towards exploration and discovery.

Nobody can afford not to use Design Sprints. At least until there's an even better system.

Design Sprint

Validate any idea in just 1-week

Design Sprint is a 1-week proven process for solving problems through designing, prototyping, and testing ideas with real users.
It will allow you to compress months of work into just a few days.