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90 days to emerge stronger

You’ve got 90 critical days ahead and we can help you find solutions and design an action plan.

In a moment of crisis, it can be difficult to think beyond the next hour, the next day, the next week. Who do you want to be when your company emerges from the worst of this? What do you want your organization to stand for? How’s the brand going to resist? What’s the marketing strategy going to be like? What does innovation mean for your company now? There are many opportunities opening up and your organization needs to take advantage of them without losing sight of core brand and business goals.

We can help you rethink the reason why your company exists and define a meaningful purpose that will demonstrate to both employees and customers what you stand for and why. Once the purpose is set we can help you build a coherent, solid, long-term brand and marketing strategy taking into consideration the challenges your are facing, the decisions you must make, your budget and financial status.  

Emerging stronger from a crisis isn’t easy. It’s tempting to define “emerge stronger” narrowly, to make the task seem easier: increasing the stock price this quarter, having more downloads, gaining 10k followers. But as the last few months have demonstrated, there’s much more to be done to prevent organizations from falling back on in a time of crisis. We need a far richer, more aspirational understanding of what the company is doing and where it’s heading. We need to actually think about the long-term and don’t rush in projects, expensive ad campaigns or abrupt changes.  

We are already living in a new era and this is can be the time for you to lead the way and be responsible to your audience, employees and community. We’ve created tools, workshops and exercises to help you make the right moves quickly without wasting resources. You can learn more here.

Juan Manuel Abrigo

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