Bardo is a product design and branding studio based in Barcelona.

Bardo is a design studio
How we do it

Strategy, clarity and purpose

Digital products →

Product Strategy


UX/UI Design

MVP and prototypes

No Code

Websites and Apps


Branding →

Brand Strategy



Brand Identity Systems


Information Architecture

Web Design

Communication →

Marketing Strategy

Content Strategy and Creation



Social Media

Brand Activations and Experience

Style guides, tone and voice

Our Company

We are remote and calm design studio.

We don't believe in the grow-or-die culture. At Bardo we are in it for the long-term and strive to be meaningful for our clients, users and team. Also, we don't restrict our hiring to a small geographic region,  we want to get the best talent out there.
Calm and remote

These are some of our most renowned clients worldwide.

"They're very committed, even when we ask them to travel or work long hours. They've become real thought partners to us, instead of being just developers who execute what they're told. Also, they're all critical thinkers, which we found very valuable."
Lauren Braun, Head of Product
"Bardo created a strong app that functions well and is easy to manage. The app has gotten great feedback and is impressive for a quickly developed MVP."
Valentina Vincent, CEO & Founder
"Bardo kicked off out project running a Design Sprint. That helped us validate our ideas, think of solutions, build a prototype and test it with real users very fast. After that they began working on the design of two high quality apps that are attractive and very easy to use and understand."
Daniel Grátacos, CTO at Silence
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