90 days to emerge stronger

The next 90 days will define your product, brand and business success.

We can help you move quickly without wasting resources.

Get ready for the new normal
We'll help you plan a new Product Map so that you're on the front foot while we emerge from the crisis.
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Power up your brand
We’ll help you create a Brand Booster to spark thinking and plan how your brand will interact with this context.
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Cut through the noise
We’ll help you build a Marketing Plan to keep business coming in and engagement increasing.
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Bardo is a Digital Product Design & Innovation Company based in Barcelona.

Bardo is an Innovation and Product Design company based in Barcelona. We build digital products & brands that people love.

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Design Sprint

Validate any idea in just 1-week

Design Sprint is a 1-week proven process for solving problems through designing, prototyping, and testing ideas with real users.
It will allow you to compress months of work into just a few days.