How to create a marketing plan using Design Sprint

The name Design Sprint may not be 100% accurate for this methodology since it goes far beyond design. Marketing, growth hacking and communication are some of the areas that can benefit from Sprint. Let’s explore how.

Generating marketing and communication content for startups and companies is a huge challenge. Every industry demands a very strong digital presence, quality content, infographics, ebooks, templates, photographs, videos and much more. This can be overwhelming and if the team is not fully aligned or there is a task that has a higher priority than writing the blog post of the week, the content strategy is usually set aside.

The Design Sprint can be very useful for planning a successful marketing and communication strategy really fast. There is little time, we need to achieve outstanding results and we cannot let any obstacle or sudden problem to make us lose focus on something as important as communication and marketing.

Leaving aside these two areas affects the company, the product, your work and the sales. Therefore, you need to find a way to make planning more efficient, bring the team together and move forward in a few days. This is when the Design Sprint comes into action.

What’s Design Sprint

The Design Sprint is a methodology developed by Google Ventures, which is Google’s investment fund in startups. It has been used by more than 150 startups and companies such as Lego, Slack, Uber and Airbnb both for product design and to streamline processes, align teams, improve internal communication and optimize marketing. It combines the Design Thinking mindset with the Lean and Agile approaches and creates a new system that provides a step-by-step methodology to achieve real results and find solutions that work in less than a week.

This methodology has unlimited uses. It can be used to validate business models, design apps, hardware, sales systems and so on, develop new ideas, drive digital transformation, push organizational change and more.

Design Sprint helps companies save time and money. Today, spending 3 or more months solving a problem will inevitably generate new problems.

Marketing and communication Design Sprints

The Marketing and communication Sprint can be used to develop email marketing and ad campaigns, think strategy plans, improve copy writing, raise the conversion ratio, optimize funnel and metrics, validate a certain branding and plan online and offline content, among other uses.

Most of the errors regarding a product have to do with how you communicate their value proposition. A faulty communication harms other areas such as sales, design, development and business & operations.

Starting from a concrete challenge that the team faces, you can work on a solution, prototype and validate it without having to make a huge investment of time and money in it. It is a way to involve the whole team and the decision makers you need to develop a long lasting solution.

In just 4 days you will develop a marketing and communication plan to execute in the next 3 and 6 months, define channels, generate tangible actions and list ideas that will multiply your results x10. Also, you’ll stop having this on your to-do list and there is no better feeling than getting rid of to-dos.

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Design Sprint

Validate any idea in just 1-week

Design Sprint is a 1-week proven process for solving problems through designing, prototyping, and testing ideas with real users.
It will allow you to compress months of work into just a few days.