A simple but smart hiring process for small teams

Workees helps small teams to power and build their hiring process. An easy-to-use and customizable tool that provides the users with all information needed and multiple features to work and focus on what matters.
What we did
Product Design
UX/UI Design


Our client identified an opportunity in the tech startup industry. The current hiring management apps in the industry are fairly complicated and have a lot of features that small teams don’t need. In addition, these apps tend to be pricey and new companies can’t afford them.
Startups need a simple, productive, and adaptable hiring process that helps them to expand their teams as they grow, and give them a simple way to custom and publish careers page.


We began the process with a research based on the competitor’s apps, analyzing their strengths, weaknesses and the industry’s standards to better understand the main problems and how to proceed with the design phase of the process.

UX/UI Design

After the research phase, we decided we wanted the main feature of the product to be a Kanban-style board in which recruiters could easily visualize each candidate’s information and drag-and-drop these candidates into the different phases of the hiring process. The second main feature is a customizable career’s landing page. We put together a prototype to validate these ideas with the client.

After meeting with the client, we did some iterations to the product and moved on to developing these wireframes into a full product, creating the main components for the app, as well as the branding and look-and-feel of the product. The result was a responsive desktop app with all the features that a small team needs for their hiring process to be simple and productive.

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Naming & Branding

We start with the research stage, where we carry on some intern workshops to define a concept and a general line to guide our effort. This and some interviews with the client gave us the information needed to start to make decisions about Workees' brand strategy.
The main challenge was to build a strong naming that represents a reliable product that is both playful and innovative.
We focused all our efforts on representing the hiring process in a friendly way, giving the company the place of talent boosters. With a bit of movement to address this concept, and some transparency to merge the brand actors, we were ready to move these resources into the product UI.
Card with rounded tips, cheerful and functional colors, clear and friendly fonts, and accents of interest in titles and photographs, were some of the main resources transferred to all the Workees' pieces.

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No Code Development

We decided to use a No-Code technology because it increases development speed and allows us to validate quickly. We use Bubble as a robust and scalable platform that allows us to connect with different APIs and external services.

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