An engaging way to increase sales and incentivize employees

Trofeo Maserati is a tool that acts as a game for the salespeople in the company. Employees can join different “races” or challenges through the platform and have a friendly competition to improve their sales.
What we did
Product Design
UX/UI Design


Our client used to have an incentive system for their sales department that was managed in a very precarious way: salespeople were encouraged to participate in some challenges and they receievd an email every week with their progress. Maserati wanted to find a way to improve this process and make it more encouraging. We solved that problem by creating a digital platform that centralizes all the information about the sales challenges, has transparency and at the same time has gamification techniques to encourage employees to join and keep up with these challenges.

Product Strategy

After a short workshop with the client, we decided to apply some gamifications strategies and to create a platform that was accessible to all users in real time with real data. We developed some wireframes to make sure that all the information was visible and transparent, and that it was very simple to use and to understand. We decided to name the races as real cities in order to give the make the challenges more realistic, and to allow the users to personalize their avatar and the cars to make the platform more engaging and fun.

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UX/UI Design

Another important aspect for making the sales challenges more engagic was to make the racing cars as real as possible, with Maserati’s branding. We proceeded with a thorough research and we then developed the cars using a 3D tool to create realistic-looking cars with 3 different levels of personalization, and race tracks with shadows and movement effects.

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