90 days to emerge stronger

The next 90 days will define your product, brand and business success.

You’ve got 90 critical days ahead and we can help you find solutions and design an action plan.

There are many opportunities opening up and your organisation needs to take advantage of them without losing sight of core brand and business goals.

Conscious innovation is the key to emerge from the crisis stronger and ready to phase a new era.
This is the time for you to lead the way.
And be responsible to your audience, employees and community.

We’ve created tools, workshops and exercises to help you make the right moves quickly without wasting resources.

Get ready for the new normal

We’ll help you build a new Product Map in just 1 week. We'll find ways to use your existing value proposition, features and assets and give them a twist to position your product as a leader in your industry throughout and after the crisis.

In just 1 week we’ll get together a tailor-made team who will be focusing 100% on your organization to think about the problems and challenges you are facing and produce solutions and a set of actions that we’ll validate with your audience. We’ll also analyze how your competitors are responding and how your customers are behaving.

Restore trust, boost sales and protect your product.

Power up your brand

We’ll help you create a Brand Booster to improve your narrative and strengthen your brand message and aesthetics in 1 week. Change happens, only you control how you adapt to it.

We’ll map your competition landscape and the ways in which they are reacting to crisis. We’ll analyze your brand’s personality, define audiences and values and build a roadmap to make sure you take advantage of these 90 days.

When was the last time you paused and challenged the direction your brand is going?

Cut through the noise

We’ll help you build a new Marketing Plan in just 1 week. We’ll think over your whole strategy during one full-day workshop and will use those findings to define marketing objectives, key metrics, audience, channels, content strategy, types of content and solid ideas for the next 90 days.

Don’t let your marketing team rush into new projects or expensive ad campaigns without understanding the real purpose, without having a deep understanding of how your competitors and audiences are responding to crisis or without stopping to think about the brand’s message. You need to know where you are heading before you start producing content.  

Work on the strategy early and get ready for the post-pandemic era.