Period Gold

A self-awareness & wellness experience for women.

What we did

Design Sprint
Product Strategy
UX/UI Design

The challenge was to design a product that encouraged users to keep track of their cycle, learn and understand each other by elevating the menstrual cycle experience.

Period Gold HQs are in Los Angeles and ours in Barcelona so we kicked off the project with a remote Design Sprint.

We went through a series of exercises to find the product's concept and personality. Period Gold needed to stay simple and focus on the bright side of the cycle while adding value to cycle tracking by simplifying required input and providing a high-touch productivity too. We investigated what other period tracking apps looked like, the features they offered, what we liked and what we did not. Period Gold team had really good ideas and we helped some others come out. Then we prioritized work and were ready to build a prototype and test it.

After the Sprint we moved on to the execution phase, that's to say design and development. We worked on Period Gold app's brand, developed an iOS app and integrated a CMS. We managed to build an app that provides digestible content and advice—going beyond the period itself, into a fun-friendly space for inclusive cyclical well-being.

"Bardo created a strong app that functions well and is easy to manage. The app has gotten great feedback and is impressive for a quickly developed MVP."

Period Gold

Valentina Vincent

CEO & Founder

The app is now available for download on the App Store. It includes all the basic tools needed to learn about your cycle and perform at your best.