The carbon-neutral conference on triathlon.

COVID-19 moved each and every conference to a Zoom room. Athletes were not an exception.

Fast design and branding.

We worked on the branding and the creation of a web really fast. The conference was going to take place in just three weeks and we needed to leave everything ready for people to register to the event. The key? No code + Brand Sprint.
What we did
UX/UI Design, Web design and development, Branding

A simple UX and a bold athletic look and feel

We needed to incorporate sports, boldness and tech in the company's branding. There were 24 speakers and a 3 day long schedule. Information needed to be friendly, attractive and super clear since many of the attendees weren't used to online conferences yet.

Clear information and an easy registration

They needed to have a functional and nice web and the UX needed to be extra simple. There were many speakers and attendees that were not used to tech events so we had to pay extra attention to the experience and make the registration process really smooth.

There were more than 1000 attendees and the conference turned out to be a huge success. Talks covered a huge variety of issues such as diversity and sustainability in triathlon, working out from home and going from amateur to pro.

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Let's talk.
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