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Hobnob is an app that connects travelers based on compatibility questions, interests, and itineraries.

Fast design and branding.

We had to build an app that connected likeminded travelers based on compatibility questions, interests and itineraries. It needed to be a safe environment to create lasting memories, go on fun adventures and meet new people.
What we did
Branding, Design Sprint, UX/UI

Concept, Branding & Naming: The Brand Sprint

We built the brand and the product's concept. We worked on a Brand Sprint together with the client to get to know some key aspects of the product he had in mind.

First, we worked on the insight, the creative concept and idea, and the keywords. The main idea behind Hobnob is to connect solo travelers who are not afraid of being alone but might want some company from time to time. Having this clear allowed us to define the product’s tagline and move on to the brand.

Instagrammer-like travel photography

The client didn’t want a techie brand. He wanted a minimal, editorial and clean style. Also: photos. Lots of instagrammer-like photographies that talk showcase different types of travelers and aren’t the classic tourist picture that only shows great landscapes.

Naming and typography

Hobnob means “to associate familiarly”. We looked up many groups of synonyms on the Internet. We focused on the keywords we had and looked up words that were somehow related with them. The name needed to sound great and stand our from competitors.

At first the client wanted a soft-on-the-eyes typography. We gathered many fonts on a Miro board and made him choose his favorite ones. The winners were bold, editorial fonts and (surprise!) serif ones. That’s why we decided to go with a serif font for the header and tagline and went with an easier to read, sans serif font for the rest of the texts.

User flow, Features & Acquisition: The App

The main pain point was the onboarding. We needed users to create a profile and find people with similar interests and trips but we didn’t want the app to become the classic dating app.

We decided to focus the match on the trip and on the users answers to different questions. Users that find other users who are a good match for their plans can send them an invitation to connect with a presentation message. The other user can decide whether to accept or not.

Of course, an app that makes people who don’t know each other meet, needs to be safe.This is why we decided to integrate the meetups feature as well as a feedback loop so we could keep track of users meetings and get feedback on how they went. Also, users can rate users.

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