A web for a series of innovative and techie travel pieces.

What we did

Design Sprint
Web Design

We had to design and develop a web for a series of travel pieces that seek to improve the travelers experience by addressing stressful situations with innovative features while complying with airline regulations.

A techie web for techie suitcases

Plevo's carry ons and suitcases are can be unlocked with Face ID, Touch ID or Morse Code. Weight sensors let you know how much your luggage weighs and syncs with your flight information to prevent baggage fees. Also, the removable battery pack lets you charge all your devices. And there's more!

The web needed to transmit elegance, flawless aesthetics and innovation so we chose to work with a main dark color palette and combine them with pastel background colors on each travel piece landing to make each product stand out. We also played with details, animations, videos and photographies.

“Comenzamos el trabajo con Bardo con un Design Sprint. Eso nos ayudó a validar nuestras ideas, pensar soluciones, construir un prototipo y testearlo con usuarios reales muy rápido. Luego diseñaron y desarrollaron dos apps de alta calidad, atractivas y fáciles de usar. Hoy no solo las siguen mejorando sino que también participan en el diseño y desarrollo de otros productos vinculados al scooter."


Daniel Grátacos

CTO en Silence

The web showcased suitcases, carry-ons and accessories. We built a landing for each of them to explain which where their main features and how they differed from each other. We chose to work with animations to let users see the products interiors and details.

We integrated the web with Shopify. People can now check out each product and buy any of them fast and easily. We also added banners for users to download and check out the Plevo products app.